What is My Gift Buddy

My Gift Buddy is a new way of organising and managing all your gifts for any occasions.

Simply add people to your list, along with the event details (e.g. birthday, Christmas, special events – whatever you need) to get started.

How do I add gift ideas?

There are a few ways – whichever works best for you. You can directly add gift ideas for a person and event, or you can send them a request asking to send you ideas. If they send you ideas, these appear in the app automatically.

Can I manage the gifts while I’m shopping?

Yes! All gift ideas can be added to your shopping list when you’re ready to buy them. The shopping list area is a great way to see everything in one place and mark them off as you buy.

What about next year?

The app will work every year, even for the same event (e.g. birthday). Just add a new event for a birthday with the correct date and the app will keep track of it for you.
If you want to see what your bought for someone last year, tap Show Past Events and you can take a look to remind yourself.

Can I track spending?

Yes! Each event shows how much the total items on the list will cost, along with a total of how much you’ve spent on that person so far so you can manage your spending.

You can even set a budget for that person, and the app will show you if you’ve over-spent of have a little more remaining for an extra surprise gift!

Any questions?

Please get in touch with us if you have more questions. Use the contact us link in the app menu, or the Contact form on this site.

It’s as simple as that. 

Download for free and start your gift list!

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